Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ladies Home Journal Features Vonny Casserole Carrier

Looking for the best food present according to Ladies Home Journal?  Vonny Casserole Carriers!

Airzone Pop Stick Is Featured In Minnesota Parent

Ser Padres Features The Barbie Skootboard from Bravo Sports Corp

I love the Skootboards from Bravo Sports Corp.  because they can grow with your child.  At first it is a scooter and then as your kid becomes more advanced you can take off the handle bar to turn it into a skateboard!   Check out the Barbie Skootboard in Ser Padres' holiday gift guide!

Monday, November 29, 2010

ALL YOU Magazine Features Kryptonics Skateboard Combo Sets

One of our favorite holiday gift items for the teen on your list are the combo sets from Kryptonics because you get more bang for your buck.  All You  just featured one of the sets in its holiday gift guide -- Check it out below!

OP Skateboard Featured in Curious Parent Magazine

The 1970's are back in a big way this holiday.  Even OP has come out with a retro inspired skateboard, which was just featured in Curious Parent Magazine's holiday gift guide.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Fitness Magazine Features Hyper Skates In Their Holiday Gift Guide

We are crazy about these quad skates from Hyper!  You have to see them in this month's Fitness Magazine.


Vonny Casserole Carriers in Souther Living Magazine!

With Vonny being from the South, Southern Living magazine is one of her favorites.   What could be better than seeing her Casserole Carriers in one of her all time favorite magazines?! 

Family Circle Includes Vonny Casserole Carriers In Their Holiday Gift Guide!

Family Circle says Vonny Casserole Carriers are "The coolest way e-v-e-r to carry a hot casserole to a tailgate party or friend's house"! 
Check out the carrier featured in the magazine's holiday gift guide.

Friday, November 19, 2010

California Blooms Provides Beautiful Blooms for Ovarian Cancer Research Fund's (OCRF) Inaugural "Science Of Hope" Symposium

Why does scientific research take so long to show results?  Shouldn't ovarian cancer be cured by now?  What is being done to improve the outlook for women with ovarian cancer or at risk for ovarian cancer?
These are just a few of the thorny questions that were tackled by Dr. Michael Seiden, President & CEO of the Fox Chase Cancer Center at Ovarian Cancer Research Fund's inaugural "Science of Hope" Research Symposium on Saturday, November 13th in New York City and via live webcast.  OCRF was proud to present this very special day of discovery and awareness as an esteemed panel of scientists addressed current efforts to improve early detection and new and promising treatments for ovarian cancer while raising awareness and providing important information on services, clinical trials and other resources.  They were be joined by ovarian cancer survivors who eloquently shared their personal experience with the disease.

The mission of the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund is to provide funding to scientists in an effort to find a method of early detection and ultimately a cure for ovarian cancer. In support of this, OCRF also helps patients and their families understand the disease and its treatment, and supports outreach programs to raise public awareness.
California Blooms is proud to be an official sponsor of OCRF and congratulates OCRF on their success with the symposium and all of their efforts!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Halsea Roller Suitecase Is Featured in H Magazine

Have you seen H Magazine recently?  What a great magazine!  
They recently featured the Halsea Little Habor Roller Suitcase, a perfect travel bag for those who need to carry on.

Ari Zucker Loves Halsea! See Soap Opera Digest

Who isn't a fan of Halsea!?  Soap Opera Digest recently featured our fav Days of our Lives actress, Arianne Zucker with her Halsea bags!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide! Everyday With Rachael Ray Includes OP Skateboard

We love the grahic design on this OP skateboard and so does Everyday With Rachael Ray!  They loved it so much, it is included in the December/January issue in their Faves- Gift Guide.


Vonny Casserole Carriers Included In Ladies Home Journal's Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone LOVES the Vonny Casserole Carrier this holiday season!
Ladies Home Journal just featured it in their Holiday Gift Guide 2010!  They say its "A great find for the traveling chef".

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Money is tight but the holidays are coming anyway. Longtime Bravo Sports CEO Leo Pais, heads of one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of recreation and sporting goods, is offering his holiday shopping tips to make every toy purchase worth your while.

With a stable of market-leading brands including Pulse™, Quik Shade™, Moto Shade™, Airzone™, Tony Hawk™, Birdhouse™, Darkstar™, Kryptonics™, Hyper™ and Variflex™ to go along with industry leading licenses with outstanding partners like Nickelodeon, Mattel, Cartoon Network and Disney, Leo is an expert on outdoor toys and the spending habits of kids and parents.

Here are Leo’s shopping tips this holiday:

• Don’t spend money on toys that no one will play with after the first five minutes even if you got a great deal on it. Look for classic toys that kids for generations have loved and you will see not only your kids but all the kids in the neighborhood play with it making it well worth the money.

• Choose toys that can grow with your kids. Kids and teens love to ride on ramps and rails with their skateboards and bikes and practice their tricks for years.

• Space is at a premium in our homes, so look for toys that are easy to store and organize. If the kids can find and reach the toys easily, they will be sure to play with them making it worth your money.

• Get what they want and just ask. Most kids/teens these days already know what they want by going online and checking things out. So just ask them to show you their favorites online, which is also an easy way to price check before you go shopping.

• Be sure to look at the End Caps at the retail stores. (This is the section on the end of every isle.) Often times they put the sale items on those, as well as new products.

• Get a two-fer. Buy toys that are not only fun but also get your kids outside like scooters, skates or pogo sticks. They will get exercise and have fun playing at the same time.

• Make a list and do research before shopping. Do the leg work before Black Friday/Cyber Monday so you know what items you are looking for, are not overwhelmed and avoid impulse buys.

Many of the products included in the Bravo Sports Holiday catalog have been featured in national magazines such as Parents, Ser Padres, Transworld Surf, Sports Illustrated, Family Circle and all of them are currently available at national retailers such as Walmart, Target, K-Mart, Sports Authority, Dicks, and Toy R’ Us among others.

With over 100 products featured in its holiday catalog, Bravo Sports has something for everyone – from the Under 6 Set to Teens & Tweens and the “Young at Heart,” with MANY products priced at Under $50.