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O-MAMA says: “Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say”., short for Opinionated Mom, is a new online resource for news and events from a mom’s perspective.

Founder, Michelle Tingler says, “We believe ‘Opinionated Mamas’ can be a constructive voice in sorting out the social and political issues of our time and that together, with a little humor and a lot of common sense, America's moms can get to the heart of the issues that matter most to our kids and our country. Most importantly, moms need to know how to communicate these issues to our kids, so that the lessons we are conveying stick with them as they grow, so they will be happy, healthy, well-adjusted citizens. We need to make sure CHANGE BEGINS AT HOME."

Here are O-MAMA’s founders, Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine, top 10 tips to effectively communicate with your kids:

Communication is key in any relationship, but it has to be really straight-forward, clear and consistent when you are talking to your kids. So, "say what you mean." Think about what you want them to DO, and then express it clearly, simply and concisely. Otherwise, they tune out and hear wah, wah, wah. When dealing with kids, it’s best to just lay it out there and not leave it up to interpretation. No beating around the bush. No hemming and hawing.

Make sure you and your child are physically on the same level, so everyone is eye to eye when speaking. Otherwise, they'll get distracted looking at your zipper! Also, eyeball to eyeball says you mean business and you can be sure they've gotten the message.

Speak slowly enough for them to be able to take in what you are saying. When you are finished, ask them if they’ve understood what has been said. If they are unclear, ask them to explain what they think you's kind of like the game telephone...try not to laugh!

Take into consideration their point of view. Everyone has their unique perspective on any given subject and kids are no different. They might have an interesting insight into how they perceive the issue, how they felt at the time or what might work for them next time in terms of keeping themselves in line. Their solution might be totally off base, or might have some merit. At least be open to hearing their side because it will empower them to communicate better...and that might even encourage them to behave better.

Give them a chance to acknowledge the message. It makes children and adults alike feel good to be heard, and a simple acknowledgement like “I understand what you said” or even an “I heard you, but I disagree” helps further communication.

When stating an opinion on an issue, or explaining why something could be harmful be prepared to back it up, especially when dealing with teenagers. Do your homework. Know the subject in and out. Have some examples to throw out...fancy stats are good, but pictures are worth a thousand words! (i.e., when talking about the importance of safe driving, show them a picture of a car wreck). Earn respect by demonstrating that consideration has been given as to why this is a “big deal.”

“Mean what you say.” Do not make idol threats. When outlining consequences to a behavior, make sure they are realistic and be prepared to follow through. Consistency is key. If the follow through is wishy washy, it will not be credible.

Good communication requires both parties, regardless of age...pecking order...relationship, using and demonstrating common sense and mutual respect. “Do as I say and not as I do,” does not get the job done with kids. Be prepared to talk the talk and walk the walk.

Remember, you don’t have to be their friend, they don’t have to always like us, they just need to know we love them all the time, and sometimes that means saying "NO!” Sometimes saying no can be the most loving thing you can do.

Go with your gut. No one knows your kids like you do. You know what’s in their best interest, so be confident in what and how you communicate.

To see Michelle and Debbie in action, click here to view their latest video:


Top 10 Summer Must-Haves from Sporting Goods Leader Bravo Sports

When it comes to having fun outside, Bravo Sports Corp, the global leader in retail sporting goods markets, can turn your house into THE summer hot spot on your block with their Top 10 Summer Products for kids, tweens, teens and even the young at heart. With over 2000 products ranging from in-line skates to beach accessories, instant canopies to pogo sticks, Bravo Sports can get the whole family equipped for summer fun.

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Halsea Debuts Sunset Collection

Nothing says summer fun than a hit of pink.

Halsea, the beach chic travel bag and accessories company, is highlighting the Sunset Collection for gals on the go, summer vacationers and those who just want to feel like they are living the Jet Set life even it really means just traveling for work!

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The Raves Keep Rolling in! 2 Gerber Babies Loves the Pulse Slither!!

Thanks to Julie and Logan Gerber for giving the Pulse Slither Drift Scooter a spin and a rave review!!  We're so glad you liked it!! 
Read Julie's review at

Logan, let's see some video of your cool tricks!!

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O-MAMA Hits the FRONT PAGE of the OC Register!!

READ ALL ABOUT IT! ON TODAY'S FRONT PAGE OF THE OC REGISTER, O-MAMA's Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine share the history and vision of Opinionated Mama with the Register's Theresa Walker... Click below to read the whole story!


Monday, February 22, 2010 Featured in REDBOOK MAGAZINE!

If you are looking for a friendly debate when it comes to politics, look no further.

In case you haven't gotten your March issue of Redbook yet - go get it now!  On page 112, Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine, the founders of (Opinionated Mama) are featured in a great article called "Launching A Friendly Debate".

An online resource for news and events from a mom’s perspective, seeks to bring common sense back to our country’s most important conversations by identifying and correcting the disconnect between the messages in the news and events of the day to the lessons we teach our kids at home.

Thanks Marisa Cohen and REDBOOK for writing such a great article! Features The Bubble Scooter On Kristen's Toys Blog

Thanks, Kristen!  We love this Bubble Scooter from Bravo Sports too!

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Slither Scooter by Pulse Featured on Mom's Focus

Thanks Mom's Focus for reviewing the Slither!

Sugar Pop Ribbons Reviews The Slither Scooter

Thanks Sugar Pop Ribbons for reviewing the Slither drift scooter!

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