Friday, January 30, 2009

Diana Martin Gifts Inspires Hope

Hope has charisma … it’s the ambassador of feeling good. Hope has magnetism and when shared makes others feel more optimistic. Hope suggests better times, happier lives and a change for the positive. Hope is embracing optimism. In these not-so-great economic times, it’s what keeps us going – pushing, struggling, moving forward one step at a time. Hope is both our driving force and our guiding light.

Today there is hope in opportunities - opportunities to feel good, to nurture, to develop, to expand our thinking. With “staying in” becoming the new “going out,” I find hope in the gift of time. Time spent with those who are most special to me, entertaining family and friends and turning special occasions into precious memories.

Celebrate, smile, and hope.

Diana Martin
Founder and CEO
Diana Martin Gifts

Diana Martin’s Favorite Gifts to Inspire Hope:

Piggy Bank With Wings – The old fashion ceramic piggy bank gets updated with this magical piggy. In a modern aluminum casting, this bank brings art and whimsy to any table or shelf. It suggests prosperity and who doesn’t want that in 2009. 9.5”W $100

Preston Bailey’s Book Inspiration - The title says it all. With over 150 pages of beautiful photographs of dreamy table settings and flower arrangements, this book is a great launch for your own creativity or simply adapting one of Preston’s ideas. To help you get started, we include a decorative kit of ribbons. $68

Stars – This stunning star paperweight, in 24k gold, is a great way to share optimism and tell someone you think they are the best – a star, if you will. Stars suggest stellar attitude, stellar work ethic and working hard to rise to the top. Stars are those special friends, clients, colleagues, and employees that are innovator thinkers and make a difference in your life. 3” W, $75

Comfort Foods …. But healthy!

A gourmet olive oil is such an ideal home gift, even for the non-cook. A gorgeous decorated bottle makes a statement in any dining area. Used from dipping breads to salads to pasta to whatever your desire, this is a universally appreciated gift. $30

Intense Dark Chocolates can be found with our no-nonsense dark chocolate toffees that are artfully topped with ginger or fleur de sol or almonds or orange.
Delectable and charming in our 12 piece box size. $40 (Other sizes available)

5. Double sided frames - I love these frames because they can be made so personal with an image on one side and a special message on the other. It can be used as an award commemorating a successful project or as a gift to a family member with a loving message. So simple yet so meaningful and designed to fit well with any décor. 4” x 4” $35, Minimum order 5 (Also 4 x 6 available $45)

Advice Tray - Who couldn’t use some good advice? This signed, elegant art decoupage tray can be used to hold pencils, mail, keys, and business cards or on a desk or tabletop for an artful display. 12”W x 6”L $90

ASID Orange County Announces 2009 Design Tour Dates


2009 ASID-Orange County 2009 Design Tour

Urban Living At Astoria

Central Park West

April 21-May 17

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jennifer Capaci of Eco-Chic Terra Collection Featured in the Daily Pilot

The Daily Pilto just ran a HUGE feature on Terra Collection's founder Jennifer Capaci in an article titled " Wardrobe To Help The World" - check out the story here. It is fabulous!

Stacy McCallum of Pixie Dust Decor Featured on Cookie Magazine's Website

When looking for the coolest mom fashions or hottest kid items, every hip mom knows to turn to Cookie Magazine. Stacy McCallum of Pixie Dust Decor, a playfully-chic children's fabric and decor company, was just featured in her California studio on the Cookie Magazine Nesting blog.

Check out Pixie Dust Decor products:

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Costa Mesa, CA – January 13, 2009 - Diana Martin Gifts is proud to announce the arrival of the newest member of their team, Nicole Gumm.

Nicole joins Diana Martin Gifts to spearhead Business Development, building new clientele while nurturing and expanding existing client relationships for the Costa Mesa-based gift and lifestyle company.

“We are thrilled to have Nicole join our team. Her passion for art and her strong client relations brings tremendous value to our brand,” says Diana Martin, president and founder of Diana Martin Gifts.

With a background in art and design, Nicole comes to Diana Martin Gifts from Pietra Del Mar in Corona Del Mar where she worked as an associate, curating pieces from around the globe for a very exclusive and discriminating clientele. While there she established and developed many crucial client relationships and created new marketing and business opportunities for the company.

Mrs. Gumm has also worked for several highly regarded local art galleries including Art Resource Group, Lisa Ledeski Fine Art and BC Space Gallery. A graduate of Chapman University, Nicole will be awarded her certificate in Appraisal Studies and Fine Arts through UCI in 2010, and is a certified USPAP for Personal Property Appraisers and a member of the American Society of Appraisers.

About Diana Martin Gifts
Gift guru and style expert, Diana Martin has been the go to gift expert to A-List celebrities, international royalty and Fortune 500 CEO’s for over 20 years.

Diana Martin founded the company in 1988 and has built it into the premiere gift consulting agency in the United States. Creating high-end and often one-of-a-kind gifts for the world’s most recognizable faces Diana Martin Gifts now offers gifts to anyone who appreciates style and the art of gifting through the company website

For additional information or to request an interview, please contact
Townsend Olmstead Media Co. – 949.722.8488 or email

Going Green With Steve Jones of bettershelter

5 Fun & Easy Things to Incorporate Green Interior Design on a Budget:
1. Grow a garden – use a wall if you have to.
2. Use old record albums as framed art
3. Use your old books as a plant stand
4. Antique stores and flea markets are the ultimate in “going green”! Not only are you recycling this item, but after you are through with it you either sell it or pass it along to someone else. “I LOVE VINTAGE THINGS,” says Steve. “They add authenticity to a home.”
5. Shift around your furniture to update your look, use what you have

The ABC’s of Going Green:
A: Will it “AGE” nicely? - You should only buy things that can stand the test of time and you will want to take with you from home to home. Items should age with you.
B: Does it “BELONG”? - When in doubt, “THINK IT OUT”. Wean yourself from being impulsive. Stop buying things then storing them in the garage when they don’t work in your home.
C: What will my “CHILDREN” think? Americans equate BIG with better. Change that way of thinking for your kid’s sake. You want the environment to be better when your kids are adults so help teach them about re-using and re-cycling now. And what better place to start than your own home?

6 Easy Ways to Be Green:
1. SUPPORT green companies and products
2. KISS (keep it simple, stupid)
3. Re-purpose and re-imagine things you already have
4. Think locally, act globally. Support local vendors (having it shipped on a container from China doesn’t help reduce your carbon footprint!)
5. Be AWARE, stay informed
6. SMALL IS THE NEW BIG! Homes that are smaller use less resources, have a smaller carbon footprint and can help you keep some of your hard earned cash. Big houses mean big money when it comes to upkeep.