Wednesday, March 31, 2010


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Each vote equals an entry into a random drawing to win a weekly prize of a Free bouquet of 24 roses, and the Grand Prize of A Year of Fresh Roses for one lucky winner.

If you are one of the lucky winners, you can send the roses to anyone you'd like in the USA, including yourself!


Tuesday, March 30, 2010 Photo Shoot with Coast Magazine

Thanks Ralph and Jessica for a great interview and photo shoot! 

Find founders Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine in the May Issue of Coast

Thursday, March 25, 2010


From the old school Beverly Hills Hotel to the Las Vegas strip to Miami Beach and the Florida Keys, every hotel hotspot has expensive cabanas poolside for VIPS.

With the Quik Shade line and the Quik Shade Décor line, you can recreate your favorite Five-Star cabana at your own home at a fraction of the cost of what it would take to rent a cabana for a day at the hotel. (cocktail waitress/waiter not included!)

Here are some of our favorite cabanas and instant canopies to transform your backyard in an instant.

Tiki $159
Mykonos $199
Trinidad $189

Pulse Scooters Brings New Technology To Extreme Scooters

Sante Fe Springs, CA --From the first-of-its-kind Slither Drift Scooter to the old school-style NEW Pavement King, PULSE Scooters from Bravo Sports are ruling the road. Designed and built with the next generation of riders in mind, the Pulse line is all about extreme tricks, 2010 technology and speed. Kids and their parents can’t get enough of their fast-paced action and the smooth ride.

“As kids are becoming experienced scooter riders, they are looking for new tricks and new ways to ride,” says Tony Armand, Bravo Sports CEO. “The success of the Pulse line of scooters is our commitment to providing new technology to an old favorite.”

PULSE is proud to announce the entire line of Pulse products, as well as the NEW Pavement King and NEW Road Rager scooters. Available nationwide at Target, K-Mart, and Toys R Us and other retailers nationwide.

1. NEW! Pavement King –With a nod to retro, wood skateboards and surfboards, the Pavement King features a 9-Ply laminated wood deck with additional fiberglass ply’s for strength and durability. It also has signature large wheels and grip tape protected graphics. $69.99; ages 5+; in stores in end of March.

2. NEW! Road Rager – With aggressive, age appropriate graphics, this aluminum construction scooter features big wheel, is super light weight and has a steel rear foot brake. $89.99; ages 8+; in stores in end of March.

3. Slither Drift Scooter –The first innovative three-wheeled scooter of its kind, the Slither offers the ability to pull off tricks and maneuvers that are simply not possible on any other scooter or wheeled good thanks to the two large front wheels offset with a single rear wheel housed in a pivot-mounted swivel truck. The Pulse Slither translates the fun of riding a snowboard, skiing or surfing into a street toy. $59.99; ages 8+

4. Xcelerator Kick ‘N Go – Larger and faster, the Xcelerator is great for kids who want to get speed. Unlike traditional scooters that require constant pushing off the ground, the Pulse Kick 'N Go uses a unique chain and kick pedal self-propulsion system, allowing the rider to achieve blazing speed and tight maneuverability while maintaining a balanced stance on the deck. $89.99; ages 8+

5. Nitrous Kick ‘N Go – The Pulse Kick 'N Go ain't your daddy's scooter. Reengineered from the original Kick 'N Go scooters from the 1970s, the Pulse Kick 'N Go offers a super fun and smooth ride with a revolutionary new propulsion pedal design. Built to be smaller, lighter. $119; ages 5+

Click here to see the latest Slither Drift Scooter video as seen on Nickelodeon, Nick Toons, Cartoon Network and Disney XD:

Coolest House On The Block

My Favorite Everything is a great blog about the favorite things of a busy gal-on-the-go who knows how to get things done.

Her latest blog featured the favorite things of Kellie Swaim of Bravo Sports and her list of must-have toys and products to make your house the coolest on the block.

Among the items featured, my own personal favorites are the trampoline (really, what kid doesn't like to jump!?) and the Quik Shade cabana (talk about instant gratification!)

Real Moms Real Reviews Takes The Slither Scooter For A Spin

The Slither drift scooter has become our kids ride on toy of choice.  Real Moms Real Reviews also loves it! 

Monday, March 15, 2010

Family Fitness Writes About The Slither Drift Scooter

Thanks Catherine from Family Fitness for reviewing the Slither scooter!

O-Mama Hosts Inaugural House Party - Three Easy Tips To Setting The Stage

This last Saturday night we went to the Inaugural House Party for O-Mama.  The party was such a success and so much fun that we decided to tell you about it in a few posts so you could get the full picture and get some ideas of your own so you can host your own O-Mama House Party.

Must-Have O-MAMA House Party Decor and Food:

#1 - Fun Cocktails - Red Martinis for Republicans and Blue Martinis for Democrats (make note of the cute colored sugar for the rim of the glasses!)

#2 Make A Statement With Your Dessert Bar - This dessert bar by Meringue Bake Shop was to die for!  I love the mini cupcakes with the O-Mama Logo. An added bonus to the table of treats -- it made the party not only taste like heaven but it also smelled like it!
#3 - Have Conversation Starters - I loved the idea of hanging conversation starters from balloons.  So clever.
Another easy way to start a conversation is put a bunch of topics in a bowl like this:

Stay tuned for party pictures and other fun ideas!

Parents Magazine Features Vazu Kids' LOOK WHO IS COMING Children's Book

We love the book Look Who Is ComingIt is such a cute book for any child but the story of how it was created for a son with Autism is inspiring to all parents.   Parents Magazine loved the book so much that they included it their April Issue. 

Zuma, the book's author, just wrote us this note about seeing her book on the pages of a national magazine:

They featured the book under health/autism - did a such a neat job describing! It is on the bottom corner, and the photo of the book is so clear and bright, can't miss it! Thanks so much!!!

Wow, it felt weird to read our names ... But I can get used to it :))))

Thanks again,


Friday, March 12, 2010


One of things we love most about this business is that you NEVER know what the next day is going to bring... We had a great week here at TO Media Co., with exciting requests and inquiries for all of our clients from the likes of Family Circle, Parenting, two national radio shows and Lifetime television.  So exciting!!

And tomorrow night we will top off this incredible week with the Inaugural House Party for at the home of founder Michelle Tingler with some of OC's outstanding Opinionated MAMAs and a whole lot of great conversation and fun. Can't wait to celebrate!! To learn more about O-MAMA and how you can host your own O-MAMA House Party with the opinionated moms in your life, log on to

On top of all the excitement, we helped out our favorite Nashville-based PR company Triple7 PR ( - we love you Carrie and Ashley) with a little shoot for The Doctors with celebrity chef and author Rocco DeSpirito.  Such a pleasure to work with him again as well as the fantastic team from The Doctors! You HAVE to check out Rocco's latest cookbook, titled Now Eat This... it is packed full of healthy eating tips and fantastic healthy "makeovers" for some of America's all-time favorite recipes (Fried Chicken, Macaronit and Cheese and even Mayonaise get the full nutritional treatment!) and is climbing the bookselling charts like a rocket!!  I can't wait to try a few myself.  Check back for tune-in info on the episode.

Happy Friday Everyone!  Hope this great momentum rolls right through the weekend...

Send a Little St. Patrick's Day Love!! shares 9 Romantic St. Patrick’s Day Gifts including GREEN ROSES from California Blooms!  Thanks Melissa!!

You can share the love at or dowload the new CalBlooms iPhone App and get 20% off your first order!

Quik Shade Cabana Featured in Cabin Life

Want instant ambiance? Look no further than Quik Shade's Decor line of canopies and cabanas.

Just set up the canopy in your back yard and you have a great place to host a party or it is an easy way to re-create your favorite 5-star hotel VIP cabana lounge at home. 

Cabin Life magazine just featured the lue and white stripped Mykonos cabana.  Love it! 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Its Been a GREAT PR Day

Better Homes & Gardens, Family Circle, Lifetime, Parenting and more all called TO Media Co. today!

And when we thought it couldn't get any better, we got an e-mail from HARPO! 

Its been a GREAT PR day!


Step Moms and Divorced Moms Come Together on
To Create The New Rules For Raising Families in 2010

San Clemente, CA - Just like Republicans and Democrats, there are other groups of people who are reaching across the "aisle" to solve the issues that matter most to our kids...and our country. On, step-moms and divorced moms are coming together to share their opinions on raising a family 2010-style.

“I love that O-MAMA has become a place where moms can safely seek advice from other moms, step-moms or even grandmothers.” Says founder Michelle Tingler. “We all want the best for our children and our families. Conversations on our site, like the ones occurring between stepmoms and divorced moms, is truly the best example of how to have change begin at home.”

According to the chat rooms on O-MAMA, “men/dads/ex-husbands/new husbands have an uncanny ability to assume that things will magically fall into place with little intervention on their part… they aren’t the most successful at providing support on the onset of these mom/stepmom relationships.” (yogamama) So moms and stepmoms have to team up to make things work. Here is what Opinionated MAMAs think about raising a blended family:

Opinion #1 from the MAMAs: TREAT THE STEP-MOM LIKE A HUMAN BEING. “I can't tell you how many stepmoms I know who recount stories of the mom literally looking over them, through them, under them in an attempt to invalidate them. Stepmoms are nervous as hell to meet mom! (Just as I'm sure mom is as nervous to meet the stepmom.),” says ‘yogamama’. O-MAMA Lesson for our kids: Treat others how you would like to be treated.

Opinion #2: STOP LOOKING AT EACH OTHER AS "THE OTHER WOMAN" - This is more easily said than done, but if you start with this simple premise, the family purpose and mission becomes clearer and the humanity between the two women will have a fighting chance of surfacing. The kids will also feel the difference if you get rid of the tension right away and see each other with more compassion and not as “the other woman.” When there's innate competition, division and emphasis on differences, you get tension and stunted growth on all fronts. “[Moms] don't want to be wicked and step moms don't want to be wicked either… (but) we don't have to go Disney in real life.” says ‘debomama’. She is right. Being friendly, positive and open doesn’t mean you need to be best friends. If you find yourself in a challenging conversation or situation, smile and count to three before you respond. O-MAMA Lesson for our kids: Walk a mile in the someone else's shoes.

Opinion #3: BE ON THE SAME TEAM. Communication is key if you want to give kids the best opportunity at being well-adjusted growing up in two households. Understand you are both taking on some very challenging roles and are probably charting a new path. As ‘stepmama’ says, “Our kids need us to figure out how to be on the same team.” Coordinate calendars and define roles so you aren’t doubling up efforts or stepping on anyone’s toes. O-MAMA Lesson for our kids: There is no "I" in team.

To get in on the conversations:

Beach Chic Love at Summerology

I love a gal who is dedicated to summer and who doesn't want a taste of summer right now after this long snowy and rainy winter?!

Check out Suzanne Brown's blog posts about our favorite beach-chic company - Halsea.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Kellie Swaim from Bravo Sports To Be In Orange Coast Magazine

Some people have style. 

Kellie Swaim from Bravo Sports has tons of style.  Her girly rocker chic shows off how stylish she is.  Her look caught the eye of Chris Christensen at Orange Coast, who recently had a photo shoot with Kellie. 

Chris says: "She’s in the April issue...looks really cute...Thanks again for the suggestion. You were right on!"

Can't wait for the April issue!



San Clemente, CA – While Americans are still debating the solution to mounting healthcare costs and rising numbers of uninsured, moms on, short for Opinionated Mama, are socializing healthcare through social media.

“As women and mothers, our first priority is the health and well-being of our families and we are thrilled to witness mothers coming together to share their questions, fears, discoveries and generations of knowledge about women’s health on our website,” says founder Michelle Tingler

Inside the O-MAMA chat rooms moms have been discussing and sharing insight and info on everything from flu shots and the HPV Virus to breast cancer. One user states, “…over the last few years, my husband and I have been getting our information from sites and books and sadly, you will never hear or see this information on regular mainstream media…”

TIPS/QUOTES FROM CHAT ROOMS: When it comes to your health, O-MAMAs say:

Tip #1 from moms – SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE – When it comes to information that is! It’s tough to keep up with the myriad of information being thrown at us about everything from vaccines to cancer, but when you do discover an important truth, share it with others. Whether this knowledge is gained from personal experience (my son/daughter had that last month) or the advice of an expert (my doctor told me…), we all benefit from communicating this information with other women and mothers in our community. You never know if you might help someone down the road.

“So here's the latest update on pap smears (just what you wanted on a Monday morning!): Latest guidelines are NO pap until 21 years old. None. Nothing. Nada.” (Tmama)

Tip #2 – TALK TO THE DOC – While some of our members are in fact physicians, the overwhelming consensus is that regardless of what reports you read or what your friends (or fellow O-MAMA’s) say, ultimately you have to take what you’ve learned and talk to your doctor. And if you aren’t satisfied with the answer… get a second opinion.

“I am printing out this discussion thread and taking it to the pediatrician...I am going to take O-MAMAs advice and "talk to my doc" about it...I think we all should go in armed with info and ask questions. Thanks for all the info. You go girls!” (Tiredmama)

Tip #3 – AN APPLE A DAY – Another age old adage that holds true today. Moms know that a healthy diet is the key to overall health, but as many O-MAMAs and doctors have stated, a healthy diet can also be the key to preventing and curing cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many of the other diseases that are virtual epidemics in our society today.

“Whole foods are our best friend and nature gave us many cures that many people just don't know about. And ladies, you may want to change your deodorant and switch to one that is aluminum-free. I have more to say, but, I think I'll share as I go :) Take care!! (Tuskismom)

O-MAMA invites you to share your opinions:

We LOVE A Thank You

One of our favorite morning TV news personalities, Jane Monreal, left early morning wake up calls to start her own company - enCOMPASS ENTERTAINMENT with another super talented entertainment vetran Rosemary Jimenez

This last holiday season, we were honored when they called on us to work with beauty guru Louisa Maccan Graves, author of Hollywood Beauty Secrets.    We had a super fun morning with the hard working, hilarious Allie MacKay from KTLA where Louisa showed offer her beauty tips and homemade recipes.

Shortly after, we recieved a note from Rosemary and Jane thanking us (How nice is that!? That is why we love them!) "Thank you for your services and energy with Louisa Maccan Graves.... Continued success and we hope to partner with you again."

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Simply Cathi Features The Slither Scooter

Go to Simply Cathi to see a great video of the Slither in use!

A Little Love Coming TO Media Co's Way!

In public relations 2010-style, a lot of the relationships we make are over the internet, e-mail, facebook, twitter.... you get the idea.  Even though we never meet some of the editors and reporters that we work with face to face, we still love when you become friends and work together well.  One of our favorites is Teri Freeman at Cooking with Paula Deen magazine.
Here is a note that she just sent us this morning....

"Allison, I love working with you! Send me any ideas you have!!"

We LOVE working with you too!  Thanks, Teri!