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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Roses Using California Blooms's New App Is As EASY AS 1-2-3!

Who doesn't love flowers? My mother's generation knew that fresh flowers were a great detail to dress up your home (and make you look attractive to your man!). Today's Fung Shui masters say that flowers are good for chi. For me, I just wanted to reward myself for working hard.

I was so excited to try out the new California Blooms iPhone App. With a couple of simple clicks, the eco-responsible roses were sitting on my door step within 24 hours.  They arrived in this great box (see above) and had a beautiful presentation the minute I opened it up. (I got the ORANGE Roses.)

It was so easy and fun, we did a little video to show you. Enjoy!  

OC Register calls a Site to Be Bold

Michelle and Debbie spoke yesterday with OC Register's Mom Blogger and Editor Theresa Walker about the vision for as well as their belief that with a little humor and a lot of common sense America's moms can be a constructive voice in the nation's most important conversations. Click here for the whole story

With the State of the Union address tonight, Orange County's Opinionated MAMAs Michelle Tingler and Debbie Devine, founders of the new online resource for news and events from a Mom's perspective,, are settling in for some spirited and constructive coversation with the rest of the community!

The OC Register will also be following up with Michelle and Debbie following tonight's address to get their O-MAMA opinions about what Mr. Obama has to say.  Follow this link to get to their comments -

As Theresa said... the folks in Washington could probably learn a lot from America's O-MAMAs.  Go MAMA!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Halsea Is Heading To The NYIGF - Jan. 31- Feb 4!

If you are going to the NYIGF show in New York from Jan. 31 - Feb. 4, be sure to stop by the Halsea booth for a little beachy-inspiration.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Get Ready for Summer Sun & Outdoor Parties with Instant Canopies, Cabanas, Gazebos and Chairs From Quik Shade

Need protection from the sun or just want a fun space to host an outdoor party?

Quik Shade™ offers a complete line of instant canopies, cabanas, changing rooms, gazebos, and chairs in a variety of shapes, styles and colors for all kinds of uses from the beach to the backyard.

From the all NEW Quik Shade GO Hybrid Backpack Canopy ™– the first canopy ever designed for individual use to the beautifully detailed Quik Shade Décor™ line which blends sophistication and functionality for events or year-round use, Bravo Sports’ Quik Shade™ brand has a canopy to fit any occasion.

The NEW Quik Shade Go Hybrid Canopy™, first canopy made for individual use; $79.99 (available to the public in March 2010)

From the Home Decor™ Line ($125-$230) :

From the Quik Shade™ Line ($100 - $300):

Quik Shade™ Beach Canopy Chair ($49.99), Quik Shade™ Articulating Canopy Chair($39.99)


Bravo Sports, headquartered in Santa Fe Springs, California, is a global leader in the recreational and sporting goods markets. With offices, factories and warehouses in the United States, Italy, Thailand and China, the Company’s operations truly span the globe. Since 1965, Bravo has provided the highest quality and most innovative products to sports and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide. With a stable of market-leading brands including Pulse™, Quik Shade™, Moto Shade™, Airzone™, Tony Hawk™, World Industries™, Kryptonics™, Hyper™ and Variflex™ to go along with industry leading licenses with outstanding partners like Nickelodeon, Mattel and Disney, Bravo consistently seeks to exceed the expectations of its consumers and customers alike. At Bravo, the goal is simple – to create simply the best products for price in the world.


For more information, photos or product, contact:
TO Media Co. Allison Olmstead – or Lauren Townsend –

TO Media Co. Is "Terrific"

As we all know, a thank you or a complement really goes a long way.

Natalie Umbert, interior designer and style guru of atelier natalie umbert, just sent our Orange County-based Public Relations firm TO Media Co. a note saying - "You guys are really terrific!"  How nice is that!

Thanks, Natalie!  We think you are terrific too!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010 says, "A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed"...


A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed - Many Hands Help Haiti

Our country and the world have been called to action out of a moral sense of responsibility in response to the Haitian earthquake. 50% of the Haitian population is under the age of 18. They are children. One of the least developed nations in the western hemisphere, with 80% of the country living in abject poverty, and one fraught with years of political discord and violence and already lacking in basic infrastructure; Haiti certainly was in no position to weather a natural disaster of this magnitude on its own.

The death toll is expected to be in the hundreds of thousands and an estimated 1.5 million are homeless. Port-au-Prince and outlying areas are devastated and international aid has been arriving, but has been slow to be distributed due to lack of infrastructure on the ground. Corpses lay rotting in the sun, and looters with machetes have taken to the streets. Haitians living illegally in the US were granted 18 month amnesty to avoid deportation. The United States immediately pledged aid and assistance to Haiti through the Red Cross and other means to ease their suffering. Former President’s Clinton and Bush have established to receive donations to aid Haiti.

All off this is what we, the most generous nation in the world, do best. The United States proudly springs to action, ready to take on the responsibility necessary to help a struggling neighbor in dire need and set the example for its citizens, and the world.

Here’s how to begin a conversation with your children about being a good friend:

1) Remind them that “a friend in need is a friend in deed.” Part of our responsibility to your friends is to help them when they are in need, because it shows them that we are dependable and there for them in good times and bad.

2) Explain that "the best way to have a friend is to be one." The way we treat our friends is the way we want to be treated. Be helpful, dependable and kind to your friends and be mindful of their needs. In return, your friends will share in your joys and help you when you need it. Kids with strong and stable friendships grow up happier and healthier!

Also, check out for some resources on teaching kids about friendship.


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